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What if your wholeness comes from being able to fully hold the light and the dark at the same time? Not swirling them into a blend of gray area in between.

Yin and yang, together make a whole. They don’t blend into gray they stay light and dark. It’s a completeness when they come together.

The more I look into my darkness the more I find my light. 

I can feel my self rapidly expanding into a fullness I didn’t know I had because I’ve stopped compromising parts of myself in to the gray. 

I spent a lot of time focus on the gray area in the past. While I still believe the gray area exists and is an important topic of conversation for particular things in life, it can distract from balancing light and dark.

The ability to hold all of the light and all of the dark has an incredible power to it.

I can be both light and dark, in fact, I AM both light and dark. That was the problem before I was constantly trying to shrink one side or the other and blend it in to a lovely shade of gray in betweenness. 

I’m not playing small anymore, I’m playing full on. And I’m finding more and more areas of my life to move out of the gray area and into the fullness of light and dark.

I’ll say again, the gray area has a place. I still see where the spectrum of things and blending can be important AND I can see that not every situation is best served by the gray area.

Being able to hold all of that statement allows for huge perspective shifts and opening to infinite possibilities.

It really can be ALL of it!

Can you think of a place where compromising into the gray area made you shrink and holding your light and dark would allow you relief?

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