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There is so much Power in Your NO!

Updated: May 3

In a society that values the yes, learn to find your power in no.

Life is full of choices and options, the infinite possibilities available to us make life exciting.

But often times we aren’t the ones driving the choices or reaching for what we truly dream of and desire.

Our world shrinks down to what others ask of us, usually at the collective level of society as a whole.

And we learn early in life that we get validation when we nod our head, say yes and go along with it all.

When was the last time you said NO? Just a clear, confident "no thank you!"

I think that is how we start to find clarity in life, we become aware in the moment and choose if something is a yes or a no for us. 

The clearer we get on our NO often times the easier it is to find our own personal real true YES!

I believe that is the true power of NO, the more you use it the more it pushes you to the big YES’s of life that fill you up with the meaning and purpose you have been seeking!

Is there somewhere in life you know you are wanting to say NO?

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