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​This online course is to improve skills in self care and expand the capacity of your nervous system with a supportive structure of easily digestible material that transforms you in a self paced practice.

It is the BASE of everything else I teach.


Built around these 4 Foundational Areas:

  • Hydration

  • Feeding

  • Sleep 

  • Movement

It goes slow and utilizes the power behind 30 day practices to go deeper in all 4 of these areas. 

It is also a deeply supported group container with daily digital coaching by me to allow you to really settle in and lay a strong foundation.

As with all the things I teach, it is based on principles of self-healing; you go at your own pace and no two people will have the same journey.

It is 4 months of material and is on a rolling entry basis so each month new members may join as we continually cycle our way through the 4 areas above so you may join at any time.

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