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Single Day Workshops

Since leaving my career as a PA, I have been working to create a different way to utilize my skills and expertise gained from a decade practicing medicine in Psychiatry. 


I am going to do a series of single day workshops either a half day or full day in length on a variety of topics I am passionate about and have a lot of feedback from others that want more information.

Currently, starting these as online only through Zoom but my plan is to be able to also hold them in person by the month of June for those interested in face to face time as well as Zoom online. There is the option of viewing a replay of these workshops if you are interested in the material but unable to make it live at the time of the Zoom. Once you sign up I will make sure you end up with access to the replay. The price is $45. 


The first workshop will be held Saturday April 20th at 1 pm EST on Zoom. ​​​It will be at least 3 hours (still reviewing material to see if a 4th hour is needed). 

The general topic for this April 2024 Workshop is ANXIETY.


We will explore what this means at the level of the nervous system, and on a cellular level in our body. Much of what seems to be commonly discussed as a disease or disorder is actually natural, normal and totally healthy. We will look at how the human nervous system was created and distinguish between some of the normal healthy ways it functions as well as exploring the places the nervous systems 'automations' may NOT be working well for us.  


I have often found that there is a rather large gap in knowledge around how the human body functions in these ways. Understandably so, as we are not taught much about what it means to be human and how the human mind and body we have actually work together. Then we can look into how to shift these unhealthy 'automatic reactions' to a more aligned place moving forward with new choices and habits. This is one of the places where knowledge is power, and there can be a massive shift in how the sensations of anxiety are understood and perceived in the nervous system. 


Please join me to explore and talk about this more together. 

Additional upcoming topics

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • Substances/Addictions

  • And more.

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