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This is a group program I hold a few times a year in service to nervous system regulation and embodiment. It has thus far been one of the most powerful groups I have been a part of and honored to lead. We go into teachings that reach the root of many misalignments that lead to body ailments and mental issues. It is a gentle supportive place while also being impactful and transformative.


I hold a space to practice skills for the foundation of a regulated, neutral nervous system and feeling more in your body as opposed to living mostly in your mind.


The beginning will focus on hydration, feeding, sleep and movement; with prompts to become aware of your current practices in these 4 areas as well as the places you would like to pursue a higher level of mastery in self care. Can you even hear your body's signals in these areas?


The middle will focus on how trauma, grief and other emotions are stored in the body's tissues throughout our life and healthy natural skills to let this heavy energy go after carrying it far to long.


And the final portion will focus on integration. Exploring how the information you have gathered and the skills you have begun to practice in the course are unique to you. This can then lead to significant permanent changes to the way you function on a daily basis moving forward as your foundation.


This entire journey will also focus a lot on what each person individually learned about their particular practice vs. what they thought or had been doing previously. No two people will have the same experience and it is created to help you listen more to yourself. 


Join me for this 4 month online course.

  • This group will include live time with me on zoom as well as video replays of Teaching Calls and Group Calls.

  • Daily prompts to write on with my feedback and guidance through digital coaching

  • There will be a structure to follow but it will be self paced. You are not required to attend live zoom calls and it will still be deeply healing.

  • It will be $99 a month and we will meet on Wednesday nights beginning January 31st.


This group container is the foundation of what I teach and how I work with clients, it is more affordable than my 1:1 offerings but may actually be even more transformative. You can participate as much or as little as feels good to you at an individual pace.


If this feels like something you are interested in click the button below to fill out an application.

I would love to hear from you and work together to heal with resilience.

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