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Personal 1:1 Coaching Basics

Prior to entry into personal coaching of any kind, each participant completes a detailed questionnaire, which provides the information needed to customize a program that will raise self-awareness while creating a unique path forward to transformation.

Discovery Session

This is a free brief video session to assess compatibility in working together and a unique custom path forward based on each individual.

Monthly Coaching Programs

(3, 6, or 12 month increments)

Monthly Personal Coaching Programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual, regardless of where they may currently be on the journey towards resilience. The majority of clients are in a Program that has been specifically created for their unique path including video coaching sessions, and weekly coaching adjustments. These are a minimum of 3 months but most clients end up in 12 month programs to see transformation. 

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Lauren provides personal video coaching sessions for individuals with an identified and discrete focus.  These single sessions are ideal for previous clients who want to refresh their skills after completing a program or specific targeted coaching in someone who already has been doing work. These are not going to be transformative to someone that is just beginning their resilience journey.

Rock Balancing

Healthcare Provider Coaching


There was a reason you chose a career in healthcare, and made the significant investment of time and energy into learning how to be of service caring for others. If you feel you have lost your way from that original spot or are feeling burned out I have a background in working with healthcare providers in all fields  (MD, DO, PT, DVM, PA, NP, etc.) to help guide you back to the true passion that lead you to this path. This is truly a journey of resilience and no matter where you are on the spectrum of burned out to passionate I would love to be on your team supporting you as you rebalance your life.  It took a long time to get off track and it will not be an overnight fix this is always a minimum of 3 months.


I have spent years working with University’s teaching the psychiatry module and precepting students on their psychiatry rotation, which lead to my comfort in teaching about the field of medicine I have worked in now since 2015. Throughout my career I have had discussions with many of my peers and colleagues which showed me that there is often a feeling of uncertainty in how providers relate to patients with a mental health diagnosis. If you would like to brush up on or expand your knowledge base and skills, I offer teaching in this area. Think of it as private tutoring on encountering patients with mental health issues. If you are a new grad or a provider looking to transition to the specialty I also offer mentorship for this transition. This may be a one time session or multiple sessions. 

Rock Balancing

General Coaching Offerings


I have years of experience in relationship coaching, much of the work I have done is based in attachment theory and how this affects all relationships throughout a person's life but with the most intense focus being on intimate partnership. I believe that when you work to change yourself it creates a shift in relationship. 



I have a lot of experience working with people's emotions and have found a great deal of success in non medical ways to treat emotional dysregulation of the nervous system. 


This is a specific type of coaching that I particularly enjoy providing because it is not always focused on shifting an undesirable trait is has a focus on just seeking an individual in life that can be an objective sounding board for listening to where you are in life and where you are headed. often times we feel our friends and loved ones can not be fully objective and we also still have the desire to run our ideas by someone else. This can be a good fit for anyone, business owners, medical professionals, lawyers, managers, any field of work and anything personal as well. 

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