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When you Turn Toward that means simultaneously Turning Away from something else

The Act of Intentionally Turning Toward a particular thing requires us to Simultaneously Turn Away from something else.

You choose where your energy goes in life, that means you have the power to consciously decide how you invest your time and presence. 

That is what it means to become intentional about how you live.

Even if you are not purposely choosing to “turn away from something else” that is what happens when you intentionally direct your energy in the direction of what you are focused upon. 

It has to, everything is energy so moving energy toward one thing means it has to be removed form another. That is also why it is so important to learn to let go. I posted before about Letting Go being an act of Expansion not Contraction. 

Turning your energy toward something is incredibly powerful and it can be the game changer that takes you further than you have ever gone in life to help you align with your true authentic self.

Nothing is created or destroyed it is all just energetically rearranged. Be willing to turn toward what you want and not fear the process of letting go of the comfort of what you are also turning away from in the same moment. 

It is a balance and it is so worth it. There is more than enough. Turn toward what you want and you might be surprised what all it actually encompasses. It could turn out to be all that you desire.

Be all in today! Turn toward something you have always desired, what are you afraid of turning away from that is holding you back?

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