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Equal Energy Exchange is required to remain in Balance

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

In order to thrive in your life, you have to be in balance.

Healthy balance can fall to one side or the other in various areas of your life. Personal, professional, physical, emotional, spiritual.

One of the ways I see so many people fall out of balance with themselves is they don’t assess for an EQUAL exchange of energy.

I spent most of my adult life not understanding this concept myself and since learning it I interact so differently with all areas of my life.

Everything is energy, and you need to manage your energy in a loving and responsible way.

That means assessing for an equal exchange of energy in all your life transactions big and small.

Energy can be exchanged through how you give your time, your money, your physical capabilities, your possessions, your emotions, you need to both be a giver and receiver in life with these energetic resources.

And judgement has no place when determining the value or your various energies, it’s your energy you get to determine the value behind your exchange.

Listen to your gut/intuition and know the value of your precious life energies!

Are you giving and receiving in EQUAL amounts?

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