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Over Giving is just as Toxic as Being Selfish

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Society places a lot of emphasis on Givers being good and Takers being bad. But that is a very general statement, and with out perspective can lead to very toxic and unhealthy dynamics.

Self care is a skill severely lacking in many if not the majority of people right now.

In general, I think people need to be more ‘selfish’ and take more time to focus on SELF.

Over giving creates unhealthy dynamics and toxicity; yet I rarely hear anyone trying to convince others to give less even when they are spent.

I hear people share they are overwhelmed, depleted, burned out and empty far more often. Or worse I don’t hear them say it at all but I see it show up in over reactivity, GI issues, unexplainable pains, chronic fatigue, etc.

Maybe it’s time to stop attaching so much praise to the person that gives of themselves until nothing is left.

Or acting as if setting a boundary, saying no and focusing on self makes a person bad.

Do you cringe a little inside when you hear the word SELFISH?

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