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Balance: Connection not separation

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Often balance is seen through separateness.

This separate thing needs to be in proportion to this other separate thing. Like a scale with two sides being compared against each other.

What about the place where balance is in connection?

Can you see this huge difference?

True balance requires a connection woven together through all the different parts of us.

It isn’t separate pieces, it’s about the whole.

When there isn’t a consideration of all the parts it’s impossible to achieve balance.

Recently one of the places I’ve noticed this a lot is in the common phrase of work life balance. This is an area I have had to dig into for myself and that I teach on with many students and patients.

When many talk about work life balance there is usually a dialogue about box up this work part and box up the personal part and force a way to make each one work separately.

You are a whole person and this can create huge amounts of disconnection which is actually more imbalanced.

It also plays to fear.

Fear of not doing enough.

Fear of taking time away from career.

Fear of not giving to family or self care.

Fear that there isn’t enough time for all of it.

It leaves you chasing an ideal of not enough. I spent a long time chasing that ideal.

There is a place of integration where what we serve in life through our work is a part of who we are and needs to be able to show up in our life but more importantly I think we need to get back to a place where WE can show up in our work. The truth of who you are as a person existing here everyday.

I have found that balance feels open and free.

It feels like this massive expansion.

A place where all of me shows up and I feel fulfilled.

There is an ease to how my life unfolds because I am connected to it all.

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