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Are you the Butterfly emerging from the cocoon or the Snake shedding skin?

Both are amazing examples and metaphors for transformation, growth and expansion but they each have a unique feeling!

The butterfly is a bit more popular than the snake but there are few times in life we go into solitude and drastically transform in a cocoon growing wings.

Yet the snake is continually shedding skin to expand and grow into more of themselves through out life. It isn’t glamorous to shed skin and there is no big reveal at the end. But letting go of the OLD to make way for the NEW is incredible in its own way!

The caterpillar must liquify itself in the cocoon to become the butterfly which is not glamorous either and takes a lot of guts and fearlessness in order to become the butterfly and take flight.

Maybe you are at a point in life where you identify more with one than the other but I’d say the main point is to acknowledge and show gratitude to both.

This post isn’t about comparison, it’s about awareness. Just take a moment to be aware of where you are and what type of transition you are in.

Most importantly feel good about it, transformation is hard and sometimes takes you all the way to the edge of what you believe you can tolerate but it’s always worth it! And remember it’s all exactly the way it should be, no matter what it appears to be right now!

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