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"Is that Anxiety?!" Workshop

  • 30Days
  • 5Steps


We will explore what this means at the level of the nervous system, and on a cellular level in our body. Much of what seems to be commonly discussed as a disease or disorder is actually natural, normal and totally healthy. We will look at how the human nervous system was created and distinguish between some of the normal healthy ways it functions as well as exploring the places the nervous systems 'automations' may NOT be working well for us. I have often found that there is a rather large gap in knowledge around how the human body functions in these ways. Understandably so, as we are not taught much about what it means to be human and how the human mind and body we have actually work together. Then we can look into how to shift these unhealthy 'automatic reactions' to a more aligned place moving forward with new choices and habits. This is one of the places where knowledge is power, and there can be a massive shift in how the sensations of anxiety are understood and perceived in the nervous system.

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